Thursday, October 7, 2010

Announcing: Monthly Food Disasters carnival @ Sick Of Food

We all are great cooks, I know we are. There are many blog carnivals around the web, where we weekly show off one of our best recipes. Pretty pictures, delicious flavors, amazed comments... But come on, we also know that our kitchen is not always happy, bright and shiny. So why not to show off our food disasters as well?

Share your most recent or past disaster. It will be a great way to exchange comments and receive feedback and maybe find out what went wrong, if you do not know that yet. If you know what you did wrong, your mistakes will be useful for others. At least, to talk about your failures will make you feel a little better. And it will also increase you blog traffic a little, so your disaster will be worth it.

We learn from our mistakes more than from our successes, so please share your disaster with us!

Here's how it works:
  1. Link a blog post describing a recent recipe failure. If you are so lucky that you do not have one, just post a recipe that disappointed you a little. 
  2. Link back here on your blog using my button.
  3. Please, comment here describing briefly what went wrong with your recipe.
  4. Try to comment on other people disasters, so they can learn. Try to be compassionate, your sympathy will at least make them feel better.
  5. If you did not document your disaster, take some nice pics the next time, because you have time until the end of the month to show off you failure!
You will have the opportunity to link your disaster starting sometime this weekend and for the rest of the month.


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elra said...

Sounds interesting Matilda.

Reshmi Ahmed said...

Hi Matilda,
frist time here...lovely space u have....
got hooked with this interesting event... sounds like fun to share such disaster recipes...will try to join it :)

Marcie said...

This is such an original site. Love it. I would also love for you to visit my new blog and if your interested I would like to exchange links!
Thanks, Marcie @