Sunday, October 24, 2010

peanut butter cookies

Lately I have been focusing on taking better pics of the food I make. After 8 rejections in a row from Foodgawker, I have been studying a little composition and solved my photo lightening issues, which actually just required some reading of the camera user's guide. Kind of embarrassing I did not read the guide earlier...

Thus, I did not invent new recipes but just cooked new ones or let my boyfriend cook for me, who by the way is not happy about the photo sessions waiting time before dinner. I made some peanut butter cookies to get rid of some old peanut butter I had in the fridge. you can find recipes here and here: I made the latter but they look very similar indeed. Since my freshly made peanut butter was kind of hard after weeks in the fridge, I thought I had to dilute with soy milk for the filling, but that was probably not necessary after all, it just made my filling thin and liquid. I also used vegan butter instead of butter, just because I have been assuming cholesterol in large quantities lately.

Here's an example of my results after only two days practicing composition. Note how nicely the point of main interest falls in the intersection between the last vertical and horizontal lines, and the cookies in the background foll on the opposite intersection. This is called the rule of thirds. This picture seems well balanced to me , but I am not completely happy with the light. Nonetheless, I am pretty contented with the chocolate color, which in my opinion is one of the most difficult colors to capture. I mean, everybody can have a nice tomato picture but chocolate is another story. Now, these may not be the most original pictures in the food-world, but I need to master the technique before I can brake the rules!

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Erin @ EKat's Kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing with Friday Potluck! Great photo advice also -- I need to start working more on mine!

Erin @ EKat's Kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing with Friday Potluck! Great photo advice also -- I need to start working more on mine!

Cheerful said...

great shot and thanks for the tip! have a great week! :)

Jan said...

Interesting post. I've never understood the rule of thirds. Now, it's a bit clearer. Thanks for joining in on SOOC Sunday, today.

Matilda said...

Jen and Chherful ~ Thanks both of you! It turned out, as I suspected, that my pics have lighting/ exposure issues. I'll try the same shots in a different moment of the day.

Erin ~ it was my pleasure!